With the cancellation of OUT on the Brazos this year, we have been spending some time thinking about what Waco Pride Network should do beyond our annual Pride festival. It's something that has been the back of our minds, but this year has highlighted the importance of this conversation.

We want to hear from YOU. We want to know what challenges you face? We want to know what you think Waco can become for our community? And we want to know how we (both Waco Pride Network and the community-at-large) can help?

Throughout the month of September we will be asking for your input. Here are three ways you can get it to us:
  • Complete our survey (click here)
  • Comment on a variety of social media posts throughout the month focusing on different topics
  • Attend our public meeting (this will be held at the end of the month, take our poll to let us know when)
Once we have had a chance to hear from you, we will work out what the community top priorities are and on October 20th we will come back to you with what we have found out and what we plan to do about it.

Topics that are currently a part of our visioning process:

Education/Youth Outreach
Financial Stability/Economic Opportunity
Community Development/Connection
Empowerment/Civic Engagement

Waco Pride Network 2018-2020