About Us

Waco Pride Network was official founded in July 2018. It is a non-profit organized to serve the LGBTQ community of Waco, Texas. Waco Pride Network’s keystone event is the annual Out on the Brazos event held each October.


We strive to foster a positive, open, and compassionate LGBTQ community by promoting events with integrity and excellence.


We work towards fostering with integrity and excellence a positive, open, and compassionate LGBTQ community in Waco and surrounding areas by:

      • Uniting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer individuals and allies of all backgrounds
      • Promoting the existence and perseverance of our community as a community
      • Commemorating our common and specific heritages
      • Celebrating our common and specific cultures

Core Values

Integrity - We commit ourselves to ethical and honest work placing the integrity of the organization and all of its participants above all other values.

Excellence - We take pride in the quality of its work. We seek to the best of their abilities to produce accomplishments of a high caliber.

Openness - We believe in the building a broad community that is inclusive of individuals of various races, classes, points of view and backgrounds. To this end we remain neutral on issues outside of our core vision and mission.

Compassion - We believe in treating individuals with a compassion that recognizes all people as possessing human dignity and deserving or empathy.

Positivity - We believe in developing a positive community that is self-supportive. We believe in projecting a positive image as much as is possible.