Jenni Hopkins

Board Member At Large/Entertainment Coordinator
: They/Their/Them
: [email protected]

Jenni Hopkins was born and raised in Waco. Music has always been a passion for them, learning several instruments growing up, participating in the dance team in high school, attending concerts and raves, and helping put on local punk shows. They attended MCC, majoring in Music Business before changing majors and graduating in Accounting and General Business.

In 2016, Jenni started performing in drag/queerlesque at Connect in Waco and getting more involved with the LGBTQ community. They joined the Imperial Court of Central Texas in 2017, an organization that performs in drag to give back to the community. In 2019, they began volunteering for Waco Pride Network to help with Out on the Brazos and founded the queer performance group, Outre Occurrence. Jenni wants to help create a community and carve out a space so that everyone can feel like they belong in Waco.