Welcome to WACO

Thank you for your interest in Waco Pride and our amazing city. Waco is a wonderful place with a growing LGBTQ community. This year we have expanded our pride event from one to two days with our OUT on Austin event kicking things off on Friday evening (October 12th from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm) and OUT on the Brazos following up from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm on Saturday (October 13th). We would be delighted if you would join us to celebrate this community.


The OUT on Austin event will take place up and down Austin Avenue (the street at the heart of downtown Waco). To get to Austin Avenue exit Interstate 35 at exit 335 A and and take fourth street towards downtown (its one-way, so that's the only way you can go). Austin Avenue lies between Franklin Avenue (which you will encounter first) and Washington Avenue (if you reach this one you've gone to far). Downtown Waco has plenty of parking, but we have highlighted certain lots near the event on the map below. PLEASE NOTE: Franklin Avenue is one-way until it reaches 4th street where it converts to two-way. More information about getting around Downtown Waco can be found here.

The OUT on the Brazos event will take place at a beautiful park laid out along the east bank of the Brazos River (creatively named Brazos Park East). To get to the park exit Interstate 35 at exit 335 C and take Martin Luther King Jr Blvd heading away from McLane Stadium (you can't miss it. it's rreeaallyy well labeled). You will be nearly at the park once you pass Herring Avenue. Be on the lookout for signs, banners, and a general vibe of a good time.

The map below is provided to assist you in getting around. Please note the obvious, it is not to scale. If you click on an image below you can download a copy of the map for your own personal enrichment.


Waco hotels are known to fill up so please make your reservations as soon as you can. Some of our local hoteliers have reached out to offer potentially advantageous rates. Their information is on the map below.

What to do in Waco (besides the obvious...Waco Pride)

Below are a few local partners that are amazing resources as to what to do when you visit us:

We hope to see you this October!