Join Waco Pride Network and paint the town with gray rainbows as we kick off this year’s Waco Pride with OUT on Austin.

2018 is the inaugural year for this Waco Pride event. Meant to stand as a witness to the inclusive and welcoming nature at Downtown Waco's heart OUT on Austin features an art auction, raffle and refreshments at Cultivate 7Twelve, a photo scavenger hunt up and down Austin Avenue, a night out in the welcoming and open environments of the Hightop, Klassy Glass, and Dichotomy, and most importantly of all a chance to show your pride in Waco and support for its growing LGBTQ community.

The art auction will begin at six and close at nine with a short reception to follow (including the announcement of the raffle winners).

The theme of this year's auction is Finding the Beauty in Grayscale. We are (hopefully) moving from a world of stark black and white choices to one of gradients of gray. We are (hopefully) increasingly acknowledging that we live along a gradient with one another rather than across a line of demarcation, divided from each other by incidents of birth and chance. We have ask local artists to consider our graying world as a matter of beauty. To compliment the art on display we ask that revelers also show off their best gray ensembles.

Additional information about our location partners can be found at the following websites:

Event Details

Date: October 12th, 2018

Time: 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Location: Cultivate 7Twelve and all along Austin Avenue