Queer History

The Waco Bride

On April 11, 1953, several men gathered for a wedding. This wedding resulted in the arrest of over 60 men. Vows were never exchanged. Tommy Gene Brown was arrested with the rest of them, dressed in drag, wearing a traditional, white wedding dress. Unknowingly, Waco history was made this day.


Gay Life in Waco

In 1977, The Waco Citizen put out a series of articles titled “Gay Life in Waco,” highlighting LGB people, their lives, and their struggles. In a time where opinions were still very low of those “choosing” to participate in this lifestyle, these articles were definitely a bold move.


A Pivot Point for Baylor

In 2003, a Baylor student came out to his friend. Later that year, he lost his scholarship. Little did he know this would be a major pivot point in Waco and Baylor’s history. In 2004, a rally was held for equal rights at Baylor. One of the organizers, another gay student at Baylor, was reprimanded for his involvement.

“Matt Bass, 25, and other gay students and alumni say they don’t expect the world’s largest Baptist university to shun the church tenet that homosexuality is a sin, but they want an anti-discrimination policy.”


Waco Pride Network was officially formed as a 501c3 organization

#FlyYourPride launches!

Waco Pride Network officially announces a vision to open a Community Center. Read more about the announcement here.