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Get Out of Your Head Therapy
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Get Out of Your Head Therapy is LGBTQ+ affirming in addition to being BLM supporters and advocates for the LatinX community. Xavier does much work with the trans community including helping write letters that are consistent with WPATH Standards of Care. Pamela and Xavier are bilingual in Spanish and English. One of our core values is to be accepting and not discriminate. Every therapist in our practice is inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community, but some of our therapists have more experience or expertise than others. Pamela goes to great efforts to appropriately match clients with a Clinician that will be the best for a client’s specific set of needs. Here are answers to your questions:

Cost Structure and Pricing:
$0 to $120 for self-pay that is based on income and experience level of Clinician. We take almost all insurances including Affordable Healthcare Act insurances, Medicaid and Medicare.

What areas do you or your practice focuses on?:
Diversity of experience, culture, gender, values, spirituality, etc is important to us. We appreciate that each person on our team brings their own unique perspective. Therefore, we have a Clinician that can support a person with just about any issue.

Methods for meeting:
We have an office in Waco, but we are only conducting virtual sessions at this time. We anticipate returning to in-person sessions when a vaccine becomes available to the public. Once the pandemic is resolved, clients will continue to be able to choose between virtual or in-person.

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