Have you ever dreamt of doing something for the good of humankind? Being part of something greater than yourself? Spending a saturday in the rain with a lanyard? If so, might we suggest signing up to volunteer for the Waco Pride Network. Volunteering brings one a sense of wholeness, completeness, calmness, and complete exhaustion.*

Waco Pride Network is currently in the planning phase for OUT on the Brazos 2020.

If you are interested in joining any of our volunteer groups, email Volunteer Coordinator Amissa Hackworth at [email protected].

*Waco Pride Network cannot guarantee the outcome of any particular individual's volunteerpersonship.

Meet Out Volunteers

Cassie Smith

Social Media/Communications Coordinator

: Her/Hers/She

Cassie L. Smith handles the social media for the Waco Pride Network and serves on the OUT on the Brazos pride planning committee. She's engaged to her partner, Misty Shugart, and they have two fur babies, Blitz and Bentley. Though she's only been in Waco six years, she considers this community home. She also serves on committees for Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas and Lake Shore Baptist Church and is writing her first book.

Cassie says she contributes to the WPN because she hopes to be the person she so desperately needed as a youth.

Jeff Lewis

IT/Admin/Sales Coordinator

: He/His/Him

Jeff Lewis is a Nebraska Native, a volunteer admin and jack of all trades for Waco Pride Network and a stay-at-home daddy to a wonderful little boy and 4 fur babies (Pants (cat), Pixel (dog), Millie (dog) and Odie (dog). When he is not doing daddy things, he is keeping order in the household and ensuring everything goes smoothly. During his down time he enjoys watching Jack Ryan, Good Girls, Grace & Frankie, Atypical and many other shows. He is also the partner of Jeffrey Vitarius and has be living in Waco now for 2 years.

Waco Pride means to him being able to bring the community together through positivity and networking which allows us to grow stronger as a community when we are united.