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“We need places to be together.”


“I’d love to see us get a Resource Center for LGBTQ Community with all forms of local resources.”


“There’s‌ ‌still‌ ‌the‌ ‌stigma”‌


We lack both committed spaces (those reserved for the explicit use of the LGBTQ+ community) and identified safe space (where LGBTQ+ people are welcomed and affirmed in an open and inviting way).


In five years, Waco will have physical committed spaces and safe spaces that are readily available and easily identifiable.


Developing an LGBTQ+ community center in Waco.

Producing a way for local businesses and other spaces to identify themselves as safe


Concerns regarding whether or not resources are safe dominate community conversation. Often, even where resources are available and affordable, there is no way to identify whether or not they are safe for Waco’s LGBTQ+ community.


In five years, there will be identified resources in Waco that are accessible, and safe for the LGBTQ+, specifically resources focused on youth, trans healthcare, mental healthcare, and jobs.


Continuing to support LGBTQ+ youth in finding their own voice and amplifying their self-advocacy through Youth Council

Developing a listing of safe resources

Creating a “resource” hub through our physical presence at a community center and our digital presence online

Highlighting employers that are safe, identifying employers that are not safe, and advocating to employers on how they could be more affirming for their LGBTQ+ employees and customers


The need here is deeply felt. Our community feels disconnected both from itself and the greater Waco community. We do not see ourselves in business, community, or civic leadership. We do not feel that Waco is for us.


In five years, Waco will have a thriving connected LGBTQ+ community where community engagement occurs regularly. LGBTQ+ folx will feel supported by the greater Waco community and believe that its issues are dealt with seriously by local institutions.


Continuing to host the OUT on the Brazos Pride Festival each year

Hosting additional gatherings/events throughout the year

Developing a digital community

Encouraging and developing focused support groups and networks within the community

Creating “support and meeting” spaces in our community center

Engaging with business, community and civic leaders regarding LGBTQ+ issues

Advocating for the LGBTQ+ community on an issues basis

The Community's Center

“A place FOR us in person and online”

The community needs places to come together, a center. A place on the map where members of the community know they can go, be welcomed, find support, and access resources with an active community online to match.

This will be a BIG lift and we will need a lot of community support in this effort. We will be looking to the community for additional input on what the uses and features of such a center would be and we will need help in developing a plan and funding for such a center.

We believe this is a goal our community can accomplish and we are enlivened by the challenge its pursuit presents.

What can You Do?

“Join us in this work.”

To Support Waco’s LGBTQ+ Community:
  • Keep an open mind
  • Engage with the LGBTQ+ people you know
  • If you are welcoming and affirming…MAKE IT KNOWN
  • If you are not welcoming and affirming consider thoughtfully why
  • Hire an LGBTQ+ employee
  • Serve an LGBTQ+ customer
  • Fund an LGBTQ+ entrepreneur
To Support Waco Pride Network: