The Waco Pride Network works to foster the LGBTQ+ community of the Greater Waco area by uniting, promoting, commemorating, and celebrating.

Waco Pride Network’s OUT on the Brazos pride festival strives to be a preeminent cultural celebration of the Greater Waco LGBTQ+ community.

In 2019, the Waco Pride Network board committed itself to holding community events throughout the year while also engaging with education institutes in the Waco area. For more on Waco Pride Network's goals, check out Our Future.

We wouldn't be where we are without our volunteers, sponsors and supporters. Help the nonprofit grow and spread its reach and resources by getting involved today.

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Upcoming Events

October 10 - Queer History Highlight
October 11 - Movie Night with Kit E Whipped
October 12 - Highlighting Queer Resources
October 13 - Zoom Costume Contest 6-8
October 14 - Vendor Fair Sale
October 15 - Queer History Highlight
October 16 - #Queer Artistry
October 17 - Zoom Costume Contest 8-10
October 18 - Community Clean Up
October 19 - Queer History Highlight
October 20 - Vision Annoucment
October 21 - Wear Your Pride
October 22 - Call for Youth Council
October 23 - Call for Board Members
October 24 - #FlyYourPride

Get Involved

Donate your time as a way to show your support for Waco Pride Network!

The WPN is an all-volunteer nonprofit and its efforts are made possible by those willing to donate one's time, talents, or finances to help make our dreams possible.

Whether our volunteers' contributions include a $5 monthly donation, vendor participation, donation of one's precious time, community support, committee membership, or even liking and sharing social media activity, each volunteer makes a huge difference.

Sign up to volunteer for the Waco Pride Network today. Together, and only together, can we make a difference.

Donate your money as a way to show your support for Waco Pride Network!

Your donation will not only support the financial aspects of our mission, it will serve as a statement.

Your donation says that you stand against those that wish us to simply go away, to remain silent about who we are.

Your donation says that you stand with this community in its struggle for affirmative acceptance and recognition.


Stay Informed

Keeping up with all your favorite nonprofits, organizations, new sites, and interests is a task for anyone.

We aim to help make it a little easier to follow us via a monthly newsletter, highlighting efforts, volunteer opportunity, area events and any updates. Sign up today!

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