How We Started

Waco had celebrated LGBTQ Pride in the past, but had not had a large-scale city-wide festival for ten years. That changed in 2017. After a crop of conversion therapy billboards sprouted up around Waco, organizers took the initiative to bring Waco’s LGBTQ community back out into the open. They had originally planned on a small picnic…what ultimately occurred was the first “OUT on the Brazos Pride Festival.” Over four hundred people turned out, the event was a huge success, and the organizers were able to raise considerable funds for future Pride events.

In 2018 the planning committee that had worked on the first "OUT on the Brazos" expanded and was organized into its own 501(c)3 as Waco Pride Network. Following a second successful "OUT on the Brazos Pride Festival" the organization began its first full fiscal year and formally took over pride planning for 2019.